Hostage Musick was founded  in 1996 within the confines of a New York State Correctional facility. Geezus (Inf) and Shatique (Mr.Tussle) came with a designed structure to establish a formula that will only breed success.

Why Hostage?

The meaning of Hostage is to "Host" this "age" of Music with a determined conviction, promise and priority to maintain that exclusive approach


Captivating the real sonata of Hip Hop. Hostage Musick represented the novel of the millennium to its fullest capacity. With the ability to sustain a versatile touch in this forever shifting market, focused to achieve common ground to listeners that is exhausted of the model type M.C. By theses characteristics presented, you'll grow to recognize why Hostage Musick was such a distinctive group. 

Even though incarceration plagued 95% of the camp, determination couldn't have been more solid. You'll come to distinguish from their perception, performance as well as their language, being diverse is an attribute accomplish by the drive to be successful and distinctive in more ways than one


Hostage Media is an international video & photography production house based in New York USA and Lausanne, Switzerland.

Mission Statement

In addition to being the greatest  media company currently in New York City, we also raised the bar to help urban artists to afford music videos based upon integrity and superior results.

We take great pride in providing unparalleled service and reasonable rates for our clients. With our extensive network of contacts, we are able to fulfill even your most unique requests.

Our dedication and commitment is the reason for our past and continued success.

                                                                                                       - Sha Tussle (Hostage Media)

The Team

Masters of converting coffee into customer satisfaction

Sha 'Stud' Tussle

Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Photographer

Sandra 'Swiss' Young

Online Marketing Manager, Photographer